The valet attendant greets the customer at the designated valet area, opens the car door, assists the customer with exiting the vehicle (if needed), and then parks the vehicle for the customer in a designated space. When the customer is ready to leave, the valet retrieves the vehicle from the valet parking area, meets the customer at the designated valet area, and safely returns the customer’s vehicle and keys.

In order for us to be able to accommodate your event properly we will need to know the following:

How many guests are expected? This will help us by determining how many drivers will be needed for the event and help us give a more accurate estimate.

What is the address where the Valet Services will be needed? This will help us determine if there are any rural surcharges for additional fuel cost.

To book services in some cases 25% deposit required and in others an upfront payment at the time of staff arrival.

-Please note minimum 4 hours for event booking required.

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Yes, Mister Valet Parking obtains the appropriate insurance coverage needed to do business.

Yes. Mister Valet Parking is based in Houston, Texas but we do provide service in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and parts of Louisiana.

Yes, at your request it would be our pleasure to come and survey your site for our valet services. However, we need at least 5 business days prior to the even to come out and survey your location.

Please note: Our valet staff managers have the experience and capabilities to handle all challenges. Only events that have an expected guest list of 125+ are urged to schedule an appointment for a walk through of the proper parking spaces provided for the event.

All events invoice must be paid to the valet staff manager at the time of arrival. A 25% non-refundable deposit required for events that are over $1499.99. You can simply pay online over the phone or when our staff arrives.

We accept credit cards, checks, cash and money orders. Whichever you and Mister Valet Parking agree to.

It truly depends on the size of your event. If there is any additional equipment needed then there are additional service fees as well as equipment fees. If your event is outside the greater Houston area there are rural surcharges for additional gas mileage.

Our company requires all staff members to wear a company logo polo shirt for all drivers. However, you can always upgrade to Premium package and get the full upgrades or just simply request a vested attendant for an additional cost.

-Vest/ w tie

-Vest/ w bow tie

-Also offer red carpet service at additional cost per you request.

Our Premium package includes a podium stand and canopy if needed but you can always add this feature for an additional cost.

It’s completely your choice and it’s a gesture you can make if your staff is able to connect with you to give you the results you are looking for. Your invoice usually includes a 15% gratuity so usually that would be split accordingly.

Mister Valet Parking